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    I have been looking for ideas for my kids to use old jelly jars for art projects. My parents gave me a bunch of jars that we used at one time as drinking cups when I was a child. I thought perhaps we could use them to plant small indoor plants but I Haven’t found a way to let the excess water to drain. Anyone do any crafts like this?

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    We use jars for plants and succulents. We just put a handful of marbles or gravel in the bottom.

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    use them to save coins

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    put rocks/pebbles or marbles near the bottom

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    check pinterest, I’m sure there are tons of ideas

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    I think Pinterest is also a good idea. I also like the ideas of coins or some other little collectables they might have. When I was a kid, I used to save sea glass in jars. They looked pretty. :)They could also decorate and/or paint them.

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