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      We Always Save The Plastic Tops To Our Bottle Waters, We Use Them For Little Paint Cups For Our Little Ones, Than The Caps Become Dyed In Pretty Colors From the Paints And Than We Use Them To Make Picture Frames By Gluing Into Different Shapes We Than Put A Pretty Pic In Them As Gifts For Teachers, Coaches, Leaders, Bus Drivers & Friends, Some Of Them We Don’t Put Pics In So They Can Put Thier Own Pic In Them 🙂

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      That’s a great idea.

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      what type of bottle caps do you use?

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      interesting project

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      B J

      This sounds like so much fun and my kids would love doing this!

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      great idea!

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      love this double whammy recycling tip

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      Oh this is really a great idea and also great as a present

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      Great idea😊

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      How creative!

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      Reduce, reuse, recycle… You’ve pretty much nailed this mantra.

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      I pick up all metal caps and then pound a nail hole in them, string them up and make wind chimes!!!!

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        I do that too, and love them!!!

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        B J

        This sounds like so much fun and a good way to keep the birds out of my garden!

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      Sounds like a super simple and fun project for little ones or adults!

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      Great ideas.

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      nice ideas!!

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      I love this.

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      gud idea!!!

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      Wouldnt have thought of that

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      Awesome idea!

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      This sounds great.

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      This is a great idea, I will have to start saving my bottle caps up and do this!

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      Sounds nice.

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      Helpful information.

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      This is an amazing idea!

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      What a great craft and up cycling idea! I had never thought of doing this.

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      B J

      This is a great idea – and a lot of fun!

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      I love the wind chime idea!

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      Great idea! I’m definitely going to try this with my kiddos soon. THANK YOU!

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      I never thought about doing that. I am always looking for budget friendly kid crafts. Great idea.

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      Great idea!

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      great info

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      Very good information here!

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      Love this.

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      Love this.

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      This is a great idea! What type of bottle caps have you used? One of the mom’s in my group saves the metal caps of soda cans and turns them into purses.

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      interesting project

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      Wow, some good ideas on here! I also always wonder what to do with the caps. I enter the codes on the Coco cola site but then I’m left with a huge stack of them and I can never figure put what to do with them.

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      Very interesting!

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      Thanks for the sharing.

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      I a tutorial! I make homemade cards and M always looking for a new project! I even thought of epoxying caps to theropods of a work desk. Thoughts?

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      Thanks for the sharing.

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      that is so cool great idea making pic frames with caps have to try

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      This is a wonderful idea

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      Interesting project.

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      That’s a great idea.

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      great way to upcycle

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      nice idea!!

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      Good sharing.

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      I need to start saving all bottle caps now. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

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