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      Hello. I am a mom to 5 and I bottle/formula fed my first 4 children and decided to breastfeed my 5th which is currently a month old.
      We have had a bumpy road but most importantly we are healthy now and healing good.
      I was diagnosed with choliostasis during my pregnancy, something I had not heard of, and had to induce at 36 weeks.
      Right after birth my son latched on and we where off to a beautiful start. Then come to find out I had retained placenta. Most of my milk dried up and we had to use formula. I still let my son latch on and get the milk that was produced. I went thru 2 emergency D&C procdures after checking in at the emergency room because I had started to hemorrhage at home from the pieces of placenta that was left in my body.
      Now that the procedures worked (3 weeks after birth) I am producing some milk to continue to let him latch on but not enough to fully breastfeed or barley even half and half.
      I heard it is common for women who experience retained placenta to have their milk dry up and not even be able to breastfeed so I feel blessed I still have the opportunity to allow him some breast milk.
      I hear that more and more women are experiencing the issue with retained placenta lately. If any of you are or have experienced re rained placenta I wish you the best.
      Is there any suggestions on super excellent ways of boosting the amount of breast milk? I would greatly appreciate any advice. This is my first attempt to breastfeed so it’s very new to me to begin with and the having complications on top of it

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      use lactation cookies

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