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    Im new here, a stay at home Mom and I live in Georgia due to DH’s job promotion. I was in Jacksonville FL. Because I’m in GA, I know no one besides the inlaws who…not good terms. Anyway! I don’t have mommy friends to ask for advice. Here’s the issue.

    7:30-8am breakfast

    9:30am 50/50 nap (depends on her)

    12pm lunch

    2:30-3pm nap

    7-7:30pm snack

    8pm bath then dinner, family time

    9pm bed

    Usually this is her schedule every day, she is a year Dec 19. She sometimes fights naps and or just doesn’t sleep and lately she’s throwing fits at bedtime when usually she never does. Any advice on what to do or change on her schedule? I feel like she’s ready to drop a nap but can’t tell which and how to adjust her so she sleeps well and not wake up at 6am.. she is teething too which is affecting things with some mild separation anxiety. I’ve been trying to entertain and let her stay up but she’s tired about 1-2 hours after she eats.

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    How old is your child?

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    She will be a year old on 19th

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    Her bedtime seems late for a one year old. I think that you should keep 2 naps/day for as long as possible

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    I felt the same on her bedtime but any earlier she would flip out. Past few days though she’s been going down at 8:30 so I’m gonna try to keep it there and ease her into a different setup. She’s also struggling with her not feeling well from teething i try to keep her up to miss a nap but she’s still 50/50 on 2-3 naps. She’s trying though.

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    Good luck.

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    Thanks. I tried a new schedule today and so far it’s going great! Just waiting to see how she wraps up the night with her new bedtime.

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