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      When I was a stay-at-home mom, planning for ten straight weeks of summer vacation was pretty overwhelming. The challenge was coming up with a plan for three kids to have a fun and memorable summer, all while spending as little money as possible. Fast forward a few years, and now I am a full-time working mom who is still facing the challenge of what to do with older kids for ten straight weeks of summer vacation while not spending my entire income on summer camps. So, fellow working moms, what do you do? What are your cost-effective tips and ideas for how to help your kids enjoy their time off while keeping them safe and your bank account in the black?

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      As a working mom myself, I also struggle with the summer schedule and keeping my kids busy. I feel blessed to have a great support system with my in-laws who watch the kids for us a couple of days a week. The other days we juggle between summer camps and babysitters. And I try to take some Fridays off during the summer so I can go to the beach with the kids.

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      Well my kid is not yet school aged but as a kid being out for a few months in the summer I remember going to camp, just playing outside with my friends (which I feel like kids do not do these days) whether we would play tag, run races, head to the park, play basketball, roller skate, ride my bike, etc. occasionally since I grew up in NY we didn’t have a pool so we would go on trips to a community pool or splash park. I can imagine that it would be difficult these days to figure out things to do these days.

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      Summer Camps are expensive. Living in upstate NY I’ve been looking for something reasonable but the cheapest I can find starts at $350 up to $1000 which I find ridiculous. Does anyone have suggestions?

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      My daughter is 19 and my hubs is a stay at home dad! I actually have the summer covered. My little 2 are 3 and 7 months so dad has them all day now

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      some summer camps have scholarships if you can reach out to them. community centers usually do or sports camps

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      I LOVE this idea

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      I’m fortunate that my husband is able to stay home with the kids during the summer. For affordable camps, you can’t beat the local community center. And many local preschools and churches run affordable camps. You can sign up even if you aren’t members.

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      Me and my husband both work and camp is tooo expensive. Im ready to quit working

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      Luckily I work for the school district, so I get summers off too!

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      I remember these days. Luckily my oldest son is old enough now (he’s 17) to watch his brother while I work.

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      I work 3rd shift so I am.

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