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      Hi Everyone, just reaching out to see if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation. We have been blessed with a daughter, whom is 4 years old, we have been trying for over a year for a 2nd but we cant seem to conceive. Mhy first pregnancy was great, we conceived within 3 months and had a textbook pregnancy. I thought the 2nd time around would be the same experience – i am wrong. Each month that passes i can help but feel the sadness, hubby tells me to stop stressing and it will happen however i feel extremely alone, putting on the happy face. I would love nothing more then to be able to give my daughter a sibling xoxo.

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      I’ve been there before. You are not alone. I recommend talking to your ob/gyn and possibly seeing a reproductive endocrinologist to try to find the cause of your infertility. Don’t lose hope!

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