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      So recently my 4 yr old was sexy molested by his 10 yr old female cousin, in his fathers family. It was turned into law enforcement as well as cps and nothing was done about it. It got thrown out as childhood curiosity. My son is in therapy and I’m doing everything I can to prevent him from thinking it’s okay because I also have younger children.

      So my issue is that although this happened my sons father seems to think it is okay to have this same cousin over to his house on a regular basis and allow her to spend the night. I’m not okay with this. But my ex (sons father) tells me I’m over reacting and that there is nothing wrong with them being allowed to continue to have frequent visitation with each other.

      She is 6 yrs older then my son she took advantage or him and “there is nothing wrong with it” are you kidding me! Am I over reacting or should my sons father be taking this a little more serious?

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      I study family violence and you are not overreacting. This type of behavior needs to be fully analyzed by a child psychologist on both ends.Both children are at risk for being a victim or an aggressor. You keep your child in therapy,but I would totally not allow anyone near your child ESPECIALLY a man by themselves. Two adults….no question. That is the rule.

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      Kimberly it has my question has nothing to do with a man. It’s about a female child 6 years older then my son taking advantage of him and his father still allowing her around my child!

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      Good information

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