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    One night my husband and I went to a crab and seafood dinner at a restaurant on vacation buffet style. My husband is allergic to crab so we made sure to be seated away from the crowd.Unbelievably I had become alergic to shell fish.I didn’t get the crab.I did get one pasta salad which had a small amount of shell fish.Just seconds after I took the first bite…I ask my husband to please get some milk and my throat was closing as I began gasping for breath.Luckily the waitress knew what to do with getting antihistamine quickly! Later at home I was tested and carry an epipen.Anyone else have a similar situation?

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    Sorry to hear about the bad reaction. I have a shellfish allergy but I’ve built up a tolerance through the past 30 years so I’m able to be around it and have small quantities if I so desire but if I have more than a couple of shrimp I break out in hives.
    I would definitely recommend getting an EpiPen and keeping it handy.

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    Sorry to hear that! I had no idea that you could develop these kind of allergies as you age

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    I also suddenly developed a shellfish allergy in my 20s after eating shrimp. Then I had a CT to diagnose a kidney stone and had a reaction to the CT dye. I understand the iodine in both can cause that.. or so I have been told.

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    Great sharing.

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    it comes and goes

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    Sorry to hear.

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