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    I’m only 4”11 and I have a really hard time knowing what to wear to make me appear taller.

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    No little girl like clothes.. ruffles, lace etc. Unfortunately, because these are Cute!

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    I’m the same height, what I do is follow people who are my height on Instagram for style inspo. Look for someone with your body type and similar style. Hope that helps. I follow Hilary Duff. Doesn’t have to be a celeb though.

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    it can be tough

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      Yes it can😞 I love capris but they say it makes you look shorter

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    I feel your pain. Following for more info.

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    I am 4’9 and I feel great in my skin!

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      I feel great in my skin! I love my body. I’m 4”11 117lbs I wear a 36DD I feel and look sexy,just wondering what type of clothing would help me to appear taller.

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    Maybe shirts with vertical strips!

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