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    My nephew is 14 months old is not walking. He can stand up. But he always seems to want to be picked up instead. He would cry when he isn’t picked up. He likes the baby walker. I was already walking at 10 months old my mother said. Should we stop picking him up?

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    If he doesn’t have other developmental lags, he is OK. 10 months walking is pretty early. Don’t just stop picking him up, that could be mean. But encourage steps, with you holding his hand maybe. I’d get rid of that walker.

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      Some are just paced a little different – I had 2 to walk at 9 months and one was 12 months.

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    I think it’s fine. My daughter didn’t walk until 15 mos. As long as he isn’t experiencing any other developmental delays, I’ll bet he will be walking soon.

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    should be fine

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    B J

    Some kids take a little longer than others. I would also encourage him to walk, but, I bet he’ll be walking before you know it. Just give him some time.

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    every child is different! Never compare or feel that you should be at certain milestones. Each child progresses at their pace

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    My son started walking sometime during the 14th month, I think he just knew I would carry him everywhere so he had no interest in trying. Try a walker toy, like the push carts that aid them into taking steps. I wouldn’t worry too much personally.

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    All babies develop differently. He will be fine.

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    My son was Almost 16 months before he started walking! He will learn in his own time, and the pediatrician will let you know when it’s a concern!

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    Every child is different

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    He’s fine, you’re overthinking.

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    Newly mom complex

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    Every kid is different. If you are worried, I would just ask his doctor. Hope he’s doing well. 🙂

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