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      What are your plans for when your daycare calls you to pick up your sick child? Do they do this often?

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      pick them up

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      Eliazar – my communication skills aren’t great, I meant this as an open ended question. Like, I’m trying to financially support and emotionally support my family. Having to pick up sickish kids (and stay with them the following day) is not looked on favorably by my employer. I (kinda) understand the daycare position, but this country doesn’t have many options to support working Moms. I wish I had my mom to call on, but I don’t. What do other parents do in these emergency situations?
      Eliazar, I know you meant this with humor but it made me cry. It’s so much easier to be snarky than it is to offer support. I wish we would all be a little more human to each other.

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