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      omg I’m 33 years old and my oldest child is 15. At times I love being a single mom. And others I want to rip my hair out. Lol…. We eat a lot of pasta and hamburger.

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      How long have you been a single parent?

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      I have 6 children of my own and being a single parent is twice as hard if not more. You just have to take one day at a time. They’ll love you for you putting you into them as long as it is a team you can’t go to far down the wrong hole if you try your best everyday for them and yourself

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      Single parenting isn’t that bad. I was a single parent. I know those teenage years can be a bit trying, but if you raised them right, then you have no cause for alarm. Most children like to test the waters at times, but it is how you handle the storm that teaches both them and yourself as you learn to grow even more together as the years roll on. Hang in there and never let the fear or failure keep you from pushing forward. Patience is a virtue…

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      I’m sure everyone has their own challenges but I can say single parenting takes its moments of tolls on me. Some moments I’m enjoying the thrills of doing it alone and other days I’m having lowkey breaking points and days where I get frustrated or doubt that I can not handle it. It’s something to take pride in but keep pushing, don’t give up. For the times you want to pull your hair out just remember there’s beauty in your struggles.

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      its hard work but worth it!

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      That’s true. Being a single mom is really hard. I have a friend who is a single mom too but still, she managed to survive and she is now working at home as a Freelancer. I’m very proud of her and to all single moms out there.


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      It’s hard but so rewarding

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      Single parenting gets rough at times but watching them grow up is amazing

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