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      I never really had bad allergies except for poison ivy. My skin was sensitive to certain things however. I remember eating pizza as a kid with no problem, but if I got any sauce on my face, my skin broke out a little. So eating it did nothing but it getting on my skin was no good.

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      you should really have your skin checked out by a speacialist

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      The only thing I was ever really allergic to is Poison Ivy…I can still develop a rash just by being near it. If I touch anywhere outside where it has been…I have it. Always looking for good home remedies for they are usually better for me than Rx’s!

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      Now a days I need to watch what I put on because of the harsh chemical ingredients that are in the products.

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      you can take allergy/skin tests now to find out

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      I would ask your primary physician for a referral to an allergist. My husband and I never really battled allergies but our 8 month old is seemingly allergic to EVERYTHING. Turns out its a dairy sensitivity and I have to really watch my diet (it is coming through the breastmilk). He has an appt with an allergist soon so we can really figure out which products to avoid and go from there.

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        Oh wow, Kmc, so sorry to hear that!!! Best of luck to your baby & the family! <3

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      Good article.

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      Great sharing.

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      Thank you!

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      Thank you.

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      my skin has always been sensitive i try to use lotions with oatmeal in them that is supposed to help with dry skin ,aveeno and dove are really good fir moisturizing skin

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        Yes. They are good products. 🙂

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