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      Slime – They love it.
      D.I.Y. slime is fun to do with your child and they love the stuff. It is so simple to make.
      2 ingredients is all it takes with multiple options for add ins for differrnt looks, textures, etc. Experiment a little and have fun.
      Your main ingredient is glue. Just regular school glue. Clear, white, colored, glow-in-the-dark. You choose!
      And your second ingredient is your activator. There are a few options.
      You can use liquid starch such as Sta-Flo, or you can use contact/saline solution, Tide Simply Clean laundry detergent, Gain, or Persil can be used as activator, another choice is borax. Always supervise your child/children when using these products as they all contain chemicals.
      Anyways, your glue and your activator of choice are all you need to make slime. Simply pour some glue in a mixing container/bowl and then slowly add your activator just a little at a time and mix until you reach your desired consistency and mixture is not sticky. Remember to add your activator slowly as too much activator will result in a slime fail.
      So that is your basic slime recipe. Now lets talk about add-in options.
      You can use food coloring or water color paints to add color to your slime.
      You can add glitter, sequins, shredded mylar/confetti to decorate or make it pop.
      You can add shaving cream to your slime to make it more fluffy.
      Lotion can make your slime soft and stretchy.
      Baby oil can be added to make your slime less sticky and give it a smooth feel.
      You can add scent to your slime.
      You can add foam balls to your slime for a fun texture. Also called Floam Slime.
      Play doh, clay, or model magic can be added for a soft, smooth texture. This is called Butter Slime.
      You can add instant snow to create a fluffy texture, this is called Cloud Slime.
      You can add multiple add-ins if you like.
      Have fun.

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      thanks for posting

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      so helpful

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      I have craft books with PAGES of slime instructions, and it gets so confusing. Thank you for clarifying and gathering this all together.

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