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      Go on a date?
      Only when you don’t have the kids….. But that’s NEVER!! I’m always at home, with the kids, and even when we are both home, he’s usually too tired to do anything…. And I mean ANYTHING! Oh well…. Guess it’s just my luck!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      🙁 That makes me very sad. You should be able to have some “me time”. I hope you can have some time to yourself to unwind. Best wishes for you.

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        We all climb hills & mountains through out life. I have gone thru this as Im sure many many other mothers have. This should pass. I try to iniate something that interest him and myself both. Once we can get that so needed time with him it is wonderful. We all need that couple time alone. Our children are a wonderful blessing but to be the best parents we can be we must give to ourselves as well. Dont give up, keep trying and this too shall pass.😊

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      Sometimes it’s hard to get out when you have young kids. My husband and I had the same problem. We like to do stay at home dates, when we can cuddle and watch a movie after the kids are asleep.

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      Time alone is a necessity!

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