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      I’m from Southwest Michigan in a small town called Sodus and I’m looking for more moms to have mom groups with.

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      Oh this is so old, but we are in Stevensville lol

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        Haha i thought i responded to this… Are you still in Stevensville? Thats where i’m from but I’m in Eau Claire now.

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      Im in st joseph! Will be moving tp Lansing area around aug but if you ever want to meet up add me on Facebook:)

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      This is older but I live in Buchanan MI, I have a 2 month old. I would love to meet other moms in the area if you’d ever be interested lol. If you see this anyway

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        Hey Michelle! I’ll try to find you on facebook!

        Update: I looked, but could not find you. 🙁

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