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      Does anyone have any recommendations for ways I can help my son at home with his speech Delay. He sees someone twice a week for a hour and it just doesn’t seem like enough. I want to make it fun for him to want to try and learn and find something that works for him.

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      your therpist should be able to show you some as welll

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        I have a 5-year-old son with autism who cannot speak and we go to speech therapy to overcome it. Therapy fees are a bit expensive for us and we are looking for alternatives. We have found an app designed for children with autism called otsimo and they have an app about speech. We started using it and it was really useful. I would like to share the app’s site with you, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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      definately agree

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      agree, ask your therapist or pediatrician for activities you can do at home

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      My son also has speech delay. He actually learned some sign language around 1 1/2 years old. The baby Einstein videos on YouTube were the best. He eventually started replacing the signs with the actual words. Also, repetition! Repeat the word for every action or object. It really does help a lot!

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      I am not sure if you go back with your child when he works with the speech therapist but if you don’t, you should. In order for speech therapy to be truly effective, you should be working on the same things the therapist is working on all the time that your son is with you. For example if the speech therapist uses a mirror to show your child hoe to correctly form his mouth in order to correctly produce a specific sound, do the same thung at home. If the therapist is saying, “use popper lips to make the p sound” and you are saying poke out your lips or something else, then it can be confusing to your child. Wishing you all the best!

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      pintrist home games!

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      Would help work on it as well, but would have a speech therapist.

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      I would love ideas to help my son as well

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      You can benefit from this application for speech problems, it was really very useful for my child,I would like to share the app’s site with you, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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      My son’s therapist gives me activities or “homework” for us to do @ home. He sees someone 3x a week and each session we get new homework. All the work she gives us is geared toward one goal that they are working on during his sessions. For example we are focusing on ‘ing’ in actions and identifying he/she. Like ‘riding bike, swimming’. So she gave us pictures of kids doing the action & @ home he has to say what they’re doing focusing on the ‘ing’. I do the activities @ home with him (where were actually sitting down & focusing) at least 3x a day. I have also recently bought some I spy books where he can identify objects & say it in a sentence. “I see balloon”. Your therapist should’ve given you some goals they are targeting based on the evaluation. I would take those & just google activities for them. I have also boughten FLIP books online they have cards that target different parts of speech.
      Good Luck!

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