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      I’m interested to know how many people out there are not so much interested in the bible or church but rather believe in doing good for others,the community,charities nature and the earth,etc. I would love to hear your opinions or your ideas on what you do spiritually.

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      We are a Christian family with seven sons, and everything you describe is a part of our faith. We attend church, read the bible, volunteer in our community and help others. I like to think that this upbringing in the church helps my family to be so helpful in other areas of life. Blessings!

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      I think that’s great! What kinds of things do you and your family do for the community or just for others. Always looking for new ideas! Take Care!

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      Service to others in any form, and putting the needs of creation before our own needs to please the Creator is a hugeeee spiritual task. It always makes me feel happy.

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      the bible

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      Religion gives many a great scene of self!

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