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      Many people with children who have tatrums in stores and outside get a bewildered look from many especially from older mom’s who have reach grandma status or the memories of how to act and be in the store when they were little themselves. Allowing a child to cry & kick, shout & throw things is just not acceptable. Many in our group acts that way and the mom’s are like they are just expressing themselves. Many of the older mom’s are slowly teaching the younger mom’s how to gain control without losing their minds & parenting rights. 1.Your Child/ren can be set right. 2. Give an option other then No. 3. Explain the rules before you leave home or wherever. 4. Everyone doesn’t need to be in your business when you talk to your child. (An audience isn’t necessary.) 5. Be calm and keep a routine. 6.What the parent/s says should be a rule in ensuring proper behavior. Wait give the 5- to 10 second rule to calm down when child gets into bad behavior explain why No is no if necessary go to the bathroom or outside. Explain we will leave the store because you’re not behaving, you don’t have any money and by being this way it doesn’t tell my heart, mind,or bank account to get you anything. (I have used this on my kids other people’s kids for centuries). Stick with it don’t reward bad behavior. Don’t allow people to gift your child- ren to shout them up. If you have a look that tells the kids you mean business practice it and use it. Practice at home This is the way we act / behave in a store grocery store etc. In my home we explain that money doesn’t grow on trees Or you wouldn’t see security & camera’s surrounding them. That’s what happens when people show bad bad behavior.

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      If a child is overtired then a tantrum is inevitable. Also in such a situation and condition, the child does not have control over self and the behaviour

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      Very good advice.

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      I have seen parents reward bad behavior to prevent it,which is not good. Spoiling your child means that you will be raising your grandchildren and that will be a difficult time.

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