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      Give me your best Healthy St. Patty’s day recipes that are festive and kid friendly!

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      Greens, greens and some more greens! A delish salad can be made extra festive for any occasion and with the right selection of veggies even the kiddos will love digging in.

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      Following, love some recipes too!

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      How about a Healthy Delish Dessert!!?

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      Classic corned beef and cabbage. You can’t go wrong with that!

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      Great ideas

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      Sounds good

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      Smoky Cheese and Potato Soup
      Smoked cheese, curry and paprika add depth of flavor to this easy potato soup. For St. Patrick’s Day, decorate with shamrock-shaped toast topped with pesto.

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      Very good.

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      B J

      They all sound good, I’m going to try the smoked cheese and potato soup. Thanks for the ideas.

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      Great ideas

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      Use food dye to color vanilla pudding green and top with lucky charms

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      green rice crispy treats with green sprinkles

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      With St Pattys day around the corner, Ill be following and looking up more recipes!! Smokey potato soup sounds great though!

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      Yes i will be looking forward to some good recipes too
      that my sons birthday the green food coloring comes in handy for his frosting

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      add a touch of natural green food coloring to melted white chocolate and pour it over popcorn! delicious :))

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      Nice recipes

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      Nice recipes

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