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      So my husband of only 2 years (dating for more than 10). Started gambling after we were married and almost cleaned us completely out. Not too many joint accounts and my job income is safe, but his habit caused me to have a mound of bills. I packed up recently and moved into a small apartment with my son and puppy. With such a low income and now horrible credit, how do I manage? I’ve never been a big spender, but times are so tough. Anyone have any suggestions on staying positive and upbeat when starting over? Sometimes I get discouraged.

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      I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through all of that right now. Do you already have a budget in place? For a long time, we were living paycheck to paycheck until we started using a budget, and saw areas that we could cut back. It’s kind of old, but I found the information in the article below to be helpful. I hope this helps!

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        Thanks everyone for you kind words. Yes this has been hard but things can only get better from here. I will work hard to make sure they do. I do have a budget plan, although it is hard. I am still dealing with bills that are beyond my income, so sometimes the budget plan goes over my head. Thank you for the article Caryn, it helps to look at things from different perspectives. Being an educator, I have sought out all of the resources that I would refer parents too, in the past and yes, there are so many things that are easily accessed and free.

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      So sorry that you’re dealing with this! I agree with Caryn that having a budget and sticking to it is the best plan. You are doing the best thing for your son. He will appreciate your courage and sacrifice. Things will get better. Your local library is a great resource for free entertainment. They have kids programs, as well as movies and CD’s to borrow. They may even have passes for local attractions like the zoo. Stay positive and reach out to family, friends and neighbors for support.

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      You ARE strong to have made this big step, you can do the rest…there is some good advice in the posts above. Do you live in a big city or rural… that makes a difference in where you find support.

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        Mary I am in a rural area in Northwest Indiana but we are able to travel to cities nearby ( luckily I have been able to keep my vehicle so far). Your kind words are truly encouraging!

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      What a terrible situation, I’m so sorry. Dave Ramsey has wonderful methods of rebuilding and moving forward but for the long term well-being of your family invest in the well being of your partner. The trust and relationship may not be able to be salvaged but getting him help with enable him to be a positive father for your son.

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      I’m sorry to hear you going through with this.

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      I’m sorry to hear you going through with this.

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      Very interesting!

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      Make goal lists. Always helps me stay motivated and accomplished when I get them done! Hope things are going better now! That is a tough situation.

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      Very interesting!

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      It all takes time…

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