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      what is there to do for extra cash? baby daddy works in the woods, owning his own business but everything seems to be going wrong for him. what can i do to help and support my daughter him and i ? any help would be great! thanks in advance!

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      i tried couponing but it’s harder than you expect it to be. very time consuming. so only ever saved a couple bucks nothing free 🙁

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      This is me being 100% honest. I have downloaded these apps and I get Amazon gift cards. You can buy anything from diapers and wipes to b-day presents from there.
      1) Pinecone research. They have quick surveys and you get a $3 pre paid visa e gift card for each survey.

      2) quick thoughts. You can get From .40 to $3. For each survey you get to actually take. If you aren’t approved for a survey you get ten cents. I bought my children’s Christmas gifts last year using this app. No kidding! After you get $10 you can cash out and get a $10 Amazon e gift card.
      3) Hatch. I don’t k ow too very much about this one because I’ve only been in it a couple months, but I do know it takes about 2 weeks to get your reward and yesterday I got a $10, $5, and a $3 reward from them. All in the form of an Amazon e gift card. I hope that helps you. I’m a stay at home momma as well, so I know the struggles. Best of luck to you!

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      leslie, thank you so much for your help. i’ll definitely give these a try!

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      Hi, I had the same problem. I used to worked a quit because of my pregnancy.
      I needed an extra income for my family so I sign up here.

      You get paid using social media, its really easy and now I’m taking care of my son while doing this!

      Totally recommend

      I leave you the link below!!

      Making money from your social media

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      Couponing is a good idea! You can also try to look for deals on baby products. I use MADE OF baby products (all natural and organic!) and they are currently running a promo for 20% off, just go to their site and use code 20off.

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