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      hi iam heather greer iam new to bloging iam a stay at home mommy and wife i have a 8 month old little boy

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      ok i need tips on how to make homeade baby food and what would be the best foods for him

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      OK so schdules for bedtime we can get throught the day on a schdule just fine up until bedtime i had him on a bedtime schdule and he had adjusted to it thgan the hoildays came around and seeing family and staying out late really set him back but thath’s not the worst part my husband got a prmoteish at work that ment different hours and longer shifts but better days off so it seems my son has adjusted to my husbands schdule and i’ve tried everything here recntly we took the baby ti the doctor and the doctor we saw wasn’t at all concerned about the vomiting and the diearrea she was more concerned about his wight she made it sound like we don’t take care of him

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      OK so iam back so like i was talking about yesterday bedtime diddn’t go to well he feel asleep at 7 and woke up at arond 10 and was up til 6 am i thought letting him play til 6pm and bathtime around 7 and letting him watch his favorite movie would do the trick but it just makes it worse and iam ougt of options

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      OK so what do yall thank about valintine’s day so my husband and i went out for valintine’s day and we droped the baby off at my sister’s and went to my favorite mexician restraiant i dressed up really nice cause you no it’s harad to look good after going from a size 2 to a size 16 and all my husband put on was a pare of jeans and a t shirt

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      So what is ya’lls take on make your own landry soap so here recently my mom was talking to me about how exspenive landry soap is so she recamended makeing my own

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      buy a nutribullet

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      ok so this was brought tobmy attentgen this week i was out with my mom and sister and they were talking about a diet they we on called the keto diet and ovlously my mom and sister both have lost 10lbs in less than a week so if anyone has heard of this diet plz let me no i would really like to no more about it cause my mom and sister wouldn’t tell me anything about it just that it works and i wouild love to no more info about it

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      Hi Heather,
      Not sure if you’ve had any replies back to your Keto question but I’ll do my best. My husband and I started a Keto diet about 4 months ago. Yes, it does work. Better for men than women in my opinion though. Why? Hormones. Men have NONE, WOMEN have TONS! In all seriousness, a Keto diet is awesome. Here’s why. It forces your body to “EAT” it’s own fat. You eat non-starchy vegetables, low-carb vegetables, NO pasta or bread and all the meat and good veggies you want.The reason I say it works better for men is a food reason. Here’s why…My husband is happy eating onions,jalapenos, tomatoes etc. Things that are easy for him to “grab and fill up on”. He also doesn’t get “Food Bored”. I do. I have had to do A LOT of research into the Keto Diet to find “Special Recipes” for bread,snacks,treats,etc. With the special products they require or that tend to be expensive it is a challenge. Plus, as I mentioned there are the female hormones. Sometimes I just want or need a big bowl of ice cream and a donut. Which is a no,no.Most sugar on a Keto diet is not allowed. The Adkins Diet may actually be a better suit as a Keto diet for women in my opinion. My advice is to do your research, estimate your budget and go slow!! If you rush you may hit a wall (as I have) and then fall off. If you decide to proceed let me know. It would be nice to have someone else to discuss it with and trade ideas and recipes with. I also have a board on Pinterest dedicated to Keto if your interested in browsing it. Hope I answered your questions. Let me know if you have any others. Good Luck!

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      Love being a stay at home mom, but some times need adults to talk to.

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      My group and I would love to try these

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