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      Divorce to me was a word I thought I would never ever have to encounter, I was married for 24 years, then I had to walk away with my 6 children, Something I did not think I could ever do,I am sure there are many women who feel trapped in their own marriage and feel there is no way they can leave their abusive marriage, I never thought I would even have the courage to walk out, it was only by the grace of GOD I was able to.Walking out with 6 children was one of the biggest things for me, Not really knowing how I was going to make it, It was going to have to take a big step of faith for me….As I was pulling out of my driveway not looking back.I knew without a doubt that I had made the right choice…Still, the pain is great..I still cry…And miss my home…My State….I did a good job of covering up for live a life of sin…I did have warning signs about my husband…I prayed and prayed for help.I lived a life of nothing but lies, I missed out of motherhood as it should be because I was brainwashed.After my husband beat me down so bad to what a worthless person I was, I could not think of myself to do much. He took everything away, I got out once a month, I did not drive, he made me give that up. I will share more later tonight.

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      the power of prayer does wonders for me. I struugle with anorexia nervosa and taking pictures has helped me with my fight.the fight to recover is key, i had to learn to walk, eat, you name it again. Its a constant battle but with help u can make it and become stronger.

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      I, too, never thought I would be able to do it. With 3 daughters, we stepped out, and wished for the best. It was the greatest decision I could have ever made for myself and my girls. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that, had I stayed, my girls would be brainwashed into thinking it was okay for them to be treated the way I was allowing myself to be. I’m raising strong girls, who in turn will become stronger women. Capable of knowing the difference between truly being in love versus sticking it out. You got this!

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      This struggle is all to real for too many people. It is hard to walk out once you have put the time and effort into something (your personal investment). Hoping for the best, yet receiving the absolute worst. When a person tries to control your every move on down to your very thoughts, it can be hard to see this pattern of abuse through the shroud of what you believe to be love. Those rose colored glasses do a great job of covering up the real monster that lurks behind them. Only God can guide you to seeing the truth. Yes, it may take some time, but everything in due season. People come into your life for a reason. What we choose helps to make us into better, stronger, more capable people. Wiser in the knowledge that the devil is constantly busy seeking whom he can devour on a daily basis. We are suppose to learn from our mistakes and grow from them as well. This is just another life lesson that I am sure you will never put yourself in ever again. Coming out of this will only make you a better person, no matter what was said of you before. You are none of those things that your ex called or referred to you as; you are more than capable of handling this and anything else the world can throw at you. Trials and tribulations are what we face & how we get through them is how we get rewarded. Don’t concern yourself about the tears you shed. Crying cleanses the soul and helps the healing process. Soon all you will have is joy and elatedness as you continue to walk in faith and not by sight…

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      I hate the word DIVORCE; I, in general, just hate it when one partner (or even both partners) are left heartbroken. I wish nothing but the best for everyone and anyone going through this.

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      took me 17 years but I finally did it.

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      It gets better

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      Eventually, you will never think much about an abusive marriage. It soon fades away! But, once in a while something will remind you of the abusive man who verbally,physically and mentally abused me. Thank God I got out alive!

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      That first step is the hardest!! I havent quite figured out how to push myself out the front door without looking back!

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