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      Do you ever feel stressed after divorce?How do you talk about the topic with your children?I am a 33 year old mom with 3 boys ages 8,11,and 12 I have been divorced from their father since 2012,he is not in their life,due to some bad choices he had made and ended up in prison,I have never really discussed to much with them because of their age he is definitely not a good role model I am by far a perfect parent but catch myself being stressed most of the time because being a single mom playing mom and dad to 3 boys is tough,what is a good age to talk to kids

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      it can be tough

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      that’s a hard answer. everyone is different…. parents I mean…we all would say differently at what age to actually talk to your children. My son father killed himself when I was pregnant so I think it was around 10 or 12 when he started asking questions. Could have been younger but I didn’t really tell him about it until he was a little bit older.

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      That’s a tough situation. I hope you have family or friends nearby that are able to help you at least once in a while so you can get a breather! Your boys are at good ages to be taught certain things to do for themselves, such as cleaning/chores, laundry and some cooking (or maybe you already taught them.)Stay strong, mama. You got this. I wish you all the very best. <3

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      l hope you solved your problem. best mom

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