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      I want to get involved in Yoga and Meditation and even though I listen to you tube for self love I want to find a community that is supportive beyond classes any suggestion that are affordable and free in community

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      google for free yoga in your area – I live in Seattle and there are a number of free yoga classes put on by parks department, yoga studios, churches, and several other groups. You may need to experiment a little to find the ones you like best, but besides the benefits of yoga it is pretty easy to find friends and a supportive community through this.

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      I have found that my fit bit that I wear to track my heart rate sleep patterns and of course my steps. Has a great free yoga meditation section that people can use. I’ve also found that on the Web you can find programs that you can cast your TV they don’t have to be you to. Or even some Podcast from audible or Amazon prime that you can listen to while driving or sitting in your backyard or gardening to help with meditation. Any way that we can find to take a deep breath and focus and relax and give ourselves a greater sense of awe especially when we have that opportunity is moms is much needed. I appreciate all the ideas the previous people have left in comments Tama and thank you for the person who started this forum.

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      YouTube has some great breathing meditations. Just do a search and find an instructor that you like.

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      stretching is good

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