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      This is my first time here and I just need to vent.. my husband and I always had kind of a rocky relationship. But we loved each other like crazy so we always made it work. After we hadn’t my currently 11 month old son we started to fight more and more and now it’s everyday. We fight and yell in front of my son even tho I try and tel him not to. It’s constant verbal abuse and he’s made me into a monster and it’s not fair to me or my son to see us like this.. I wanted to separate but we are both Assyrian (middle eastern) and that’s a big no no in our culture. My parents for sure would never support my decision or me. I’m scared to be alone but I don’t think it’s fair for me to cry everyday and suffer for the rest of my life.. if anyone out there understands or has been where I’ve been.. I’d love to have someone to talk to.. I love my son and don’t blame him obviously or regret him, but I regret ever meeting my husband. It’s an awful feeling..

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      Hey, I hope your doing well…..

      If you both are fighting try not to let your son to see both of you guys in that position. He is baby now but it does affect him later on.

      I understand what your saying for a middle eastern kind of situation cause I my self is also a middle eastern and we do not have a word of divorce in our family. Try and go to a sociologist and talk to them so that they can help you get rid of him. Here in USA there is a lot of support for sigle moms and if your husband have ever hit you, you can call police and they can arrest him. I know someone who his husband used to hit him and the neighbor called the police, He got arrested and still in jail. But try not to let your son to see these kind of actions, it will affect him later on and he would then be like his daddy.

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      got o marriage counseling

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      get therapist.

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      Good luck

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      Pretty sad to hear that anyone would have to endure any type of abuse. My family values marriage and the family, but when my husband started to mentally abuse me. I packed up and moved with my son, without telling my family until I was safe. Found an apartment, and just stayed to myself for about a month. Fortunately for me, that game me enough time to think, peacefully. Afterwards, my family loved me just the same. I
      could not let my culture destroy the person I was.

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      A counselor might be a good start. Even if you end up in a divorce the counselor could give some advice.

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