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      Do you think community service should be required in high schools and/or middle schools? Do you believe it, at the very least, be encouraged or introduced to students? I don’t think it hurts to let them know how they can help and think of others. It was required in my middle school. I did a town cleanup with the environmental club from my school & fed at a homeless shelter with the church we used to go to. If you’re against making it a “requirement”, I understand. But I do want to know thoughts on this. Or how did you once volunteer or your kids volunteered? 🙂 Whether it was required or not. Would love to know. <3

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      yes, it’s important for kids to see the world outside their own box, and maybe gain some empathy and ideas how they make differences. Why not require it… we require everything else in school. Being social is a requirement to being a human being.

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        Yes. This!

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      In our area in order to graduate all students must do 30 hours of community service and create a presentation based on what they did to 3 randomly chosen teachers. I think it is a great thing! It exposes them to all of the volunteer opportunities that are available in the community and how without people that provide their help without expecting to be paid for it other than the satisfaction of giving back they wouldn’t exist. I know there are a few that have actually gone on to continue volunteering after their project because of the impact it made on them. One of them just got promoted as a Captain of a volunteer fire department in a near by town. So, what does it hurt to have them do it? There were some parents against it saying it wouldn’t be fair if their child failed because they didn’t do the project. I replied with my thought of what kind of example would it be on a college application for them to say I would have been Valedictorian but I couldn’t be bothered to volunteer for 30 hours in my community.

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      yes, it should be a requirement. it was required in high school

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        Very true, Mango. It was required for me in middle school/junior high.

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      Such wonderful answers! I am so glad everyone seems to be on the same page. <3 <3 !!

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      Hi, Mel, my kids are long way from high school but I try to introduce them to charity and volunteer work. I think that it should be a requirement, children our days are so spoiled, it will do them good to see the “outside” world.

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        Hi Mamajinga! You’re absolutely right & I think that it’s wonderful that you do that for your kids!!

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      B J

      This is all great information and ideas. I think being involved in charity and volunteering is very important for them.

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      I agree volunteering is very important

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      Yes and no. It’s a great thing to volunteer and I wish everyone would do it, but if you make it a requirement some kids will be very unhappy about it and not give their best effort. I think volunteers should be happy to be there.

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      Volunteering is extremely important!

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        I agree, Luci!

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      i think its a great idea, kids today need to socialize with others in need to help them grow and mold into idea that helping others is a great feeling and it would give them a sense of appreciation and honor

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        I totally agree Heather!

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      Nice post.

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      Thank you are for your awesome answers. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      Right now, I’d like to see volunteering for registering people to vote, or taking part in an election campaign.

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      I agree volunteering is very important.

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      this is a great idea

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      🙂 Thank you all.

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      Hello 🙂

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      Yes I think this would build some character

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      It’s a great idea. Kids need to learn its good to help others and not just receive.

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      Yes. My town’s high school requires 20 hours of community service for graduation.

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      Sounds great, Lis! I like that some schools still do this.:)

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      love it

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      Yes I think it should be required! It not only gets them people skills but also gives them the opportunity to give back!

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      Very insightful answers.

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