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    Is there any cheese that can help my cravings I am lactose intolerant!

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    My girls and I eat Cabot cheese because it has no lactose! It is the only cheese I can eat and I can eat a whole block! LOL

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    Nutritional yeast is a good substitute to sprinkle on foods like popcorn

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    Try goat and sheep cheese– there are a number of both sharp/hard and soft cheeses that should be esaier for you to digest.

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    Nutritional yeast and vegan cheese substitutes

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    B J

    I never thought of sheep cheese, I’ll have to try both goat and sheep.

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    theres daiya brand

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    there are some nondairy cheeses made from cashews that are very good

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    There are lots of cashew cheese recipes online

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    agree with above… nutritional yeast can be used in sauces like a great “mac n cheese” (Mac n yeez??). There are vegan cheeses.

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    I love nutritional yeast! Tofutti is also another substitute that I love.

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    Where do you find nutritional yeast? Do you have to go to a specialty store, Whole Foods or is it at the regular grocery store?

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