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      Open ended question: at what age should a child be allowed TV access? What about something like “cute puppy videos” on YouTube?

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      Maybe 4 years old? or when he or she can form a complete sentence

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      Not until they are older, screen time slows brain development

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      i agree no access unless u are sitting there with them, u never know, bcz sometimes other videos could be put on by accident. kids are just so innocent,

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      It is totally up the parent. If you can avoid it for as long as possible, that’s the best. We let our son watch a little tv pretty early because he was so hyperactive and we were so exhausted that it was the only way we could have a break. I regret that and wish we had hired more babysitters. That being said, he’s brilliant anyway, but definitely has attention issues which I’m sure the tv didn’t help with.

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      Is it me or more and more of the movies and shows that are supposed to be for kids are getting more “adult” content? Any comments?

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        Marie Petrova No, it’s not just you, there is more adult contact. Don’t agree with it at all, it should be up to the parent to decide what is appropriate for their child. Think I’m going to have to start watching movies or shows before kids see them. Would be a good idea for a topic to give parents and grandparents a heads up.

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      In my house my son (almost 10) really only uses Youtube on the tv or on his computer while sitting with the family. We do use Youtube as a trust thing, for example if he gets in trouble for lying he loses youtube and playing online games for others and does not get it back until he “earns” our trust back. I explained that these online things are a privilege and I need to be able to trust that he will turn something off that he should not be watching (like I said he only watches when someone is around and the accounts are linked to my email so I can see everything he watches anyway) but I want him to give him some independence and learn some responsibility.

      I am a tv watcher, and like to have the noise so I do allow too much tv in my house, but sometimes I need my lo to be distracted.

      There is something call youtubekids. I personally have not used it yet, but I do have friends that use it.

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      I say it’s the parent’s choice. Every parent is different and ONLY you know what’s best for your child. But mine started watching blues clues etc at age 4/5

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