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      And they want you to buy it with a gift card, so i would have to order it offline but does that mean I have to pay the shipping?

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      Hi Nicole,

      Please email [email protected] and someone will help you out asap 🙂


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      have you tried to run a search on google to find out where its sold? or even try amazon.. as i have seen most of the product samplings like owens craft mixers and nightfoods ice cream sold online

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      Ughh I hate when that happeneds!

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      never had a program like that one

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      Hate that! I got accepted for an ice cream program but they didn’t sell that brand anywhere in my city. I was so bummed I really wanted to try the ice cream it looked delicious!

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      When you are doing the Quest for a potential sample, you’ll be directed to their website. There is usually a Product/Store Locator section there, so you can check. There are a few samples you won’t be able to apply for because they haven’t arrived in your area yet.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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