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    Make your own laundry soap. Learn to crochet to make wash colths. Be inventive in using things you already have on hand to make things you need.

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    Great idea’s!

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    Think twice before you buy… especially online. It’s so easy to do and with a feel-good buzz, and then getting a package is fun… but then you’ve got a lot of junk to throw away (and shortage of cash).

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      So true

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    I learned to cut hair so I could cut my families hair to save money. Also we don’t eat out too often. I always use leftovers as well.

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    I love the laundry soap idea!

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    Im trying to make household cleaners that are healthier for everyone at home!! They work so much better and green products can be so expensive at the stores!

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    We only eat out 2 times a month. You will be amazed how much you save once you stop eating out and cut out all those coffee runs. I now make coffee at home too as well 🙂

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    I make my own general purpose cleaner with vinegar, I’ve started making the majority of our meals at home. Meal planning and making an accompanying shopping list so that I don’t buy food we don’t need. And I’ve saved a lot using the Ibotta app. It can save you a lot of money, but be careful, because I’ve been lured into buying unnecessary things, just because they were really cheap, lol. I’ll post my referral link if you’re interested 😊
    Use my referral code, nqghtee, and you can get up to a $20 Welcome bonus. Sign up at https://ibotta.com/r/nqghtee

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    I’ve been trying out some laundry detergent recipes, but haven’t found one I really like. My clothes don’t seem to get as clean. Do you mind sharing your recipe?

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    We started making all of our Coffee Lattes & even tried a few Frappe’s in the blender to save a few bucks. Amazing how quick the cash adds up. I save the stash for Christmas now.

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    I love the ideas I’ve seen in the comments here, especially the laundry soap and household cleaners you can make yourself. It saves money, more safe for your family and fun idea to spend time with the kids making different things. I’m gonna try these out if I can get a recipe or ingredients to make them.

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    we watch neflix at home instead of going out

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    Meal planning helps a lot. Also maybe have a yard sale, get rid of clutter and kids clothes, we all know they grow so fast and make a couple dollars. I also coupon

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    I do a lot of receipt scanning aps. I make money back on groceries that I already needed to buy anyways.

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    couponing and doing rebates/receipt apps

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    I reacently found this great website that give great discounts on every day essentials like dippers baby oil eks.
    It has really saved me a lot of money https://www.mb102.com/lnk.asp?o=12088&c=918277&a=387458&k=C95923ECE575CF53F20DACD82F748E21&l=12366 hope you like it

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    I have been emailing companies for coupons .

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    I loved reading all the comments to get some new ideas! I’ve been looking for ways to save and I think a big one for my family is eating out. We are always on the go so if I do a lot more meal prep and planning I think I could cut down that cost a lot. I also love the making your own household cleaners! Thanks everyone for the ideas!

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    Great ideas.

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    So many great ideas, ladies!!! Thank you for sharing!

    I’ve cut cost by no longer purchasing items that we just toss in the trash. For example, paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates etc. I’ve purchases reusable items for replacements. The cost up front is a bit more, but you save in the long run and cut down on your trash…a win, win!

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    Thanks. Fantastic ideas. We need these at home especially right now when money is tight

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    Sign up for restaurant and grocery store rewards to save money on eating out and cooking in.

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    Ibotta has been the best app I have used to save money but there are several others, especially if you eat out or shop online often. Search for coupons on stores website/app as well, there’s a store that I shop at often that sends me coupons a few times a month and usually sends me 1-2 coupons to get a certain item for free.

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    Great sharing.

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    Sounds good.

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    I have been emailing companies for coupons .

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    I have a huge garden. I plant plenty of veggies, that I also can and put away for the winter months..Saves us a lot of money too. I also do hard core couponing! I stockpile when things are CHEAP!!!

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    Very interesting and informative.

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    eat at home

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    Sounds good!!!

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    we try and eat at home as often as possible. I try and hold off as long as possible before going grocery shopping so we utilize everything we have

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    Great help

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    Wow, so great!

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    Wow, so great!

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