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      Any other mommas out there with thyroid problems? I have hypothyroidism. Any suggestions to help ease symptoms?

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      Hi Shelley, I am a registered dietitian and work with lots of clients that have thyroid issues. Additionally, I myself have a history of hashimotos and thyroid cancer and no longer have a thyroid.

      Are you currently on thyroid hormones? If so, what brand/dose? How often do you get your full thyroid panel tested (you want to be sure thyroid antibodies are also tracked)?

      The majority of people diagnosed with ‘hypothyroid’ have an autoimmune condition called hashimotos. Typically, if you have one autoimmune disorder you can pretty much guarantee you have another (for example, I also have Reynaud’s syndrome). Also, there is a very good chance you are deficient in Vitamin D – have you had your levels checked?

      Being diagnosed isn’t a life sentence to feeling like crap and being overweight as long as it is treated correctly. Most patients do much better with dessicated thryoid treatment vs. synthetic.

      I am happy to help with specific questions you may have!

      Kassandra Gyimesi, RDN
      Personalized Nutrition Concierges, Founder

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      wow, that reply was impressive.

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      Thank you for posting this

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      B J

      Thank you for the information.

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      Thank you dor the info. I myself struggling with thyroid

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      good info

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