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      Do you feel that your children’s grandparents give them too many toys? If so, how do you handle it?

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      Talk to the grandparents

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      not usually

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      Yes, I agree. I tried to talk to my parents about it but they won’t listen. I just accept the gifts and then donate some of them.

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      I try to encourage experiences or putting money in a college fund.

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      LOL My mom always had to show up with SOMETHING when she visited. It drove me and hubby crazy! She felt he “needed” something from her. I told her he would rather DO something with her, rather than play with something that would inevitably break. Going to the park, to the movies, or just let him help bake in the kitchen or cook. His great grandma was always baking and he loves to roll out dough for cinnamon rolls, or pie crust. I had bought him child size rolling pins, etc. Mom Mom went and got him is own regular size rolling pin, and cookie cutters, etc. That worked for a few months, then my Mom reverted back to showing up with presents. I told her to give him books. That way, I’d just set them aside, and then donate them to a classroom, etc. It’s like fighting a losing battle, lol. When he got a little older, I would tell her he would rather go to a local baseball camp for 3 days. That way she got to give him something, and he actually got something he really wanted.

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      I gave up telling them to stop sending them so many gifts, so I just sell them on ebay and transfer the earnings to their college fund.

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      I think its good.

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      I’m a grandparent and don’t get to see my grandchildren as often as I’d like so I spoil them when I can and if my son asked me to stop I would respect his wishes.

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      Yes, tell them straight out how you feel.

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      I was the eldest child in the family and I always resented when my grandmother cared too much for my younger sister.
      (Not out of jealousy, don’t think!)
      But now that I have my own son, I understand how important it is for my mother (his grandmother) to pay attention and feel needed help!

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      Every time, when they visit us. Every their new visit means a new toy for my DD. I’ve tried to ask about lesser amount of toys, because our house already looks like a toy shop. It didn’t work, so I asked to buy educational toys at least. So there will be at least some benefit from that toys. You can also ask for certain types of toys/

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      If you think your kids are getting to many toys you need to talk to the grandparents. I was in the same boat. I just kindly ask for experiences or things to do vs toys. So now for gifts my kids get gift cards to things they want to go do. Like skating, movies, sky zone, zoo passes, swimming, state park passes, etc. After each adventure I make sure the kids get a chance to tell he grandparents what we did or saw. My father get so excited when the kids tell him what movie they just seen or what was going on at the zoo today.

      Don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t stopped my dad from buying toys but he defiantly has cut way back.

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      I am a grandma and i was doing the same thing but my Daughter asked me not to buy toys but to buy him clothes but don’t buy the right size buy the next size up. that way you would be ahead in the clothing department. us grandma do listen and abide by your rules. if some are a little hard headed you may have to be a little stronger getting your point across. we’re only humane and we love to spoil our grandchildren. By the way i have 14 Grand Children, it’s not easy buying for all of them.

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      There are some great answers on this thread, and wonderful people.

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      Unfortunately it doesn’t work …

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      I don’t want to stomp on the grandparents. So what I do, is I go through my kids toys, stuff they’ve grown out of or just don’t play with, I donate. Then I put away toys they’ve bought for special occasions, say they did great at the doctors office. Or they were good in preschool. Then I let them have a toy as a reward. But that means a few of the toys they have out, go up. They forget about them. Their interested in the new toys. I rotate them.

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      I agree with some of the other posters. You can tell them how you feel about it. Just be kind. Be grateful that they care enough to bring them anything, some aren’t as lucky to even have a grandparent. I say let them spoil the kid, but maybe throw out there what you would prefer instead of toys. Just mention they need clothes or would like to go out to the park and maybe lunch.

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      As it was in my childhood, grandparents always gave us gifts. With my children, the same thing happens, with walks, they come back with new toys. And if I choose toys, I try not to buy plastic toys, then with grandparents, these prohibitions don’t work. Only the conversation helped, after which they buy something for the children only after consulting with me.

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      Do not refuse your parents. Accept gifts with gratitude

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      Go with the flow and like others here said, donate what you can’t use. some other family will be grateful for the gift.

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