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      Hi my name is Amy and i live in louisiana. I have a townhouse with a small planting area out front and a large patio out back. Any ideas on what to plant and how to care for them?

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      Herbs grow really well in containers – they’re useful, smell nice, are beautiful, grow easily, and you have flexibility for location.
      You can also do salad-greens gardening in containers – your fun with growing stuff will result in healthier eating.

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      looking for ideas as well

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      Following for ideas

      maybe chives?

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      If you want to plant veggies in your garden, I suggest beans, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. They love sunlight and are easy to grow.

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      Great post.

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      Very informative!

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      How cool

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      Very informative!

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      Lettuceis easy to grow.ann

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