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      My granddaughter whom I’m raising had , had lots of peanut butter by the age of 4. We were traveling to Disney and I got her one of those 3 pack snack packs with turkey, cheese and walnuts. About 10 minutes after eating it she started to vomit and cough. She was getting blotchy and I knew we needed emergency care. We were fortunately close to a hospital 🙏. After I’ve benedryl and 2 epi pens she was fine. I never knew there was a difference on allergies. Very scary but thankfully easy to take care of.

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      how scary! glad she is ok

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      Very scary! My daughter has a tree nut allergy and a milk allergy that she outgrew, I could not believe how many products contain allergens. I myself have a peanut allergy, I LOVE peanut butter! I still ate it and dealt with the occasional allergy attacks, till my throat closed up and had to epi pen myself, did they tell you that after the anaphylactic episode, she could have it again. Make sure to read all labels, I am now not able to have anything with any trace of peanuts, my reactions kept getting more severe. So glad she is okay!

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