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      Didn’t get chosen to sample the applesauce pouches, sigh. But I was prepared to turn it into an “Apple” party… A is for Apple/Applesauce/ whole apples for the babies to hold and look at/ etc. Have Fun

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      I did not get chosen either but that is a great party idea!!

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      On the smae boat

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      I wasn’t selected either. However, I love the idea of a A is for Apple party!!! Great play on words, foods. Maybe next time! 🙂

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      I didn’t get chosen either, but I’m new here so I wasn’t expecting to.

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      I wasnt chosen either. So bummed. That would have been a cute idea

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      Love this idea; very original!

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      fun and creative idea

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      That is a great idea, we could use this for other products.

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      I didn’t get picked either…

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      Great idea!

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      Great idea

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      @verotechno, how was the Apple party? Hope it went well. Great and fun idea. ☺️

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      that would have been great to do

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      So cute. Would love to see photos if anyone goes with this idea!

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      Nope didn’t get to try.

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      Good ideas.

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      Great idea!

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      Cool idea!

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