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      Everyone always talks about “terrible twos.” My daughter really never went through that but as she is approaching her 3rd birthday, 3’s are something else! Noone warned me about this 🙂 How long does this “phase” last???

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      Anybody who says “terrible twos” hasn’t had a 3 year old. The behavior can be the same, AND they are bigger. They will outgrow this phase when they turn 4. That age is called “fearsome fours”. (LOL, sorta)

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      Being a mother of 6 children ages 2, 5, 8, 12, 14, and soon 18 years old It doesn’t get better. They just bigger and louder. My three sons at the end wasn’t so bad but my three younger daughters are really something . I have the newly gray hair to prove it. LOL

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      I think I’ve totally hit the fearless fours with my son. He challenges me and my husband all day. He’s such an analytical thinker so if you don’t give him a reason for things he will keep at it until he’s satisfied with your answer lmao! Lord help us all

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      Good info

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