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      We lucky to have a strong family bond in a non traditional family setting. The problem is that we both work and finding balance time as parents, as a couple and as a family unit is incredibly difficult. I would love to hear how others find the time to do it all and do it well. The struggle is real some days.

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      No kidding. Get help… can you afford weekly housecleaning so that job is taken care of, and frees you up a little. Do you have friends in similar situation: how about a coupon book where you can alternate an hour or two of babysitting so you can take turns going on a date night or whatever. Best is to try to involve whole family in what you do: like chores. It’s easier and quicker to just do it yourself but will kinda come back to haunt you.

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      I think that it’s hard to have it all in balance. For me, I’ve let go of expectations of what family time and couple time look like. Sometimes, family time is playing a game, taking a walk or reading a story aloud. Sometimes couple time is waking up before the kids to have a cup of coffee with my husband. When I changed my mindset, I was able to be more present and see the importance of little things we do together every day.

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        I love the early morning idea! Sneaking in some time I won’t feel guilty about is on the top of my to-do list.

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      I currently stay home, but for a while my husband and I both were working full-time and it was a struggle, but one thing we did was share the house hold chores so we had more time for family. Also don’t be afraid to say”no”. We would say no to social functions sometimes to have more time as a family.
      Good luck

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      My husband and I work different shifts. He goes in at 630am and gets out at 3pm and I go in at 12 and get out at 6pm. I have the kids in the morning. I feed them breakfast and lunch. He has the kids around dinner time. When I get home we tag team bed time. Once the kids are in bed when spend and hour or so together before he needs to go to bed. I do the laundry and the dishes. On the weekends we spend it as a family at a local camp ground.

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      Take time when you can…either for yourself or your spouse..everything means more now! I’m happy once in a while were he watches the baby and I get a haircut or GROCERY shop by myself!! For times together are far and few in between BUT if you can spend a little bit of time after the kids go to bed just talking(not about kid stuff) but life and a glass of wine…well that’s just special!!

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      Sounds like you’re doing awesome! 🙂

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      nice tips..

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      Sometimes it’s hard. Everyday is different for us.

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      Great tips everyone. My husband is in sort of a transition right now and is working 7 days a week so we can make ends meet. It’s been pretty rough and I feel terrible because I know he is tired. I try and do household chkres when the kids are asleep (we have a 22 month old and a 3 month old 😳.

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      it can be hard sometimes, but we just have to make it work

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      Just don’t quit. Life is a balance – work as partners. It also takes a dose of humility – ask for help when needed and accept help when offered.

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      Great tips!

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      Great Ideas! We are lucky we often get help from visiting grandparents but routinely it is very difficult when we have jobs where even we are home we ares till mentally thinking about work..

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      There is no balance here. I wish I could pull it together more. I’m gone from 7am and get home between 7 and 8pm. Its hard my 2 days off always spent cleaning the tornado of a mess. Ugggh but …. . My bills are paid lol

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      I`d love to be a housewife )

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