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      Hi Mom’s! Anyone willing to share their tips for getting rid of those puffy under eye bags and dark circles? I know hydration is key as well as much needed good sleep. Any other great tips? Thanks in advance!!

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      Good night sleep….that is a tough one.
      I am going to follow this post to see what other people suggest!

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      I use hydrating face masks

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      I will follow too. I see cucumbers all the time. I wonder if they really work.

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      Nope, not always. Cucumbers relieve the puffiness depending on the person, but does nothing for dark circles. I have had dark circles under my eyes since birth. I was incubated when I was born because I had liver problems and they put patches over my eyes when they did. Once the patches were removed I had the circles under my eyes and they have been there ever since. I have tried everything you could name to get rid of them and nothing has worked (but that is just for me). I guess it to, all depends on the person and their body. Everybody reacts to things differently yielding different results. In this particular post on this subject I can give no real help as it just depends on how bad the circles are and how you came about acquiring them. At times water is key to detoxing the body getting rid of all the impurities and other times rest is needed or a simple change in diet could render good results. If you consume alcohol you may want to lighten up on that. Check to see how your liver and kidneys are functioning as this could cause dark circles as well if your body isn’t filtering what you eat and drink properly. Taking medications can also cause them depending on what you were prescribed. There are a lot of contributing factors to dark circles, not just needing sleep and drinking water. You must know what is going on with your body in order to properly and effectively work to correct it before something more serious results from it. Early indication markers are your first clue that something else might be going on with you…

      **Just My Two Cents**

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      I really think the cold tea bag press is soothing both for enjoying the tea and then later as a cold compress on the eyes. Dual duty mom time plus it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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      Hi!! I found this awesome beauty line recently and have had great success with it! It’s really not expensive, it is very affordable and the products last for a couple months!

      It’s called LimeLife by Alcone! Their one drop wonder and sotoks combo is amazing! It helps tighten, brighten and reduced fine lines, while also helping reduced dark circles and puffy eyes! Both products can be used all over your face too, so it has multi-use properties and antioxidants in it to help with anti-aging and the health of your skin!

      This line is awesome! It also offers professional level makeup, other skin care products and a great community for Mamas.

      I became a beauty guide with them from home to earn an extra income for my family and still be home with my two babies! This opportunity has really changed my family in so many great ways!

      If any one wants to learn more or check it out feel free to message me, email me or find me on fb !

      Alexis Golba
      [email protected]

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      Origins makes a product called No Puffery that works well. It’s a clear gel that reduces bags.

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      I use charcoal cleanser that’s helping reduce the dark circles

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      I need some help in this area!

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      Kristie!! Try the one drop wonder and sotoks ! They are amazing !!!!

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      following for ideas

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      Puffy under eye bags and dark circles is a clear sign of fatigue. I found this video on how to get rid of your puffy under eye bags and dark circles the natural way. I hope this helps:

      I also have written a blog about skin care. You might want to check it out as well:

      Let me know if these tips helped you. 🙂

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      I have heard that placing a cool tea bag over your eyes can help minimize under eye bags.

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      Thanks for the suggestions all!

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      Thanks for all the great tips ladies!

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      There is a company called Perfectly Posh that makes pampering products from all naturally based ingredients such as butters and oils, fruits, and veggies. They have under eye creams made from moringa oil and also eye mask for under the eyes. Check out the links

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      Sheet masks and eye gels!

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      Agree with Origins No Puffery

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