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    My husband and I decided we are going to use cloth diapers but we do not know anything about it. Does anyone have any recommendations on which brands/kinds to use? Any tips or thing we should know before switching?

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    I ONLY buy our cloth diapers from Nicki’s Daipers. I believe they are online only. We have used both Nicki’s diapers all in one and Imagine diapers with the covers and snap in inserts. It can be really confusing at first but I am really glad we did it. We also used cloth wipes with a wipe solution. We would still be cloth diapering if it weren’t for our house fire a few months ago that really through me off track with everything. I am pregnant again and plan to cloth diaper with our 3rd too. I can go into more details about diapers/ wipes if you have specific questions. If you do end up shopping through Nicki’s diapers, they have an an amazing rewards program and always offer different gifts and free shipping with a certain amount spent. I haven’t ordered from them in a few months but I always used the code, “FIVE” and they give 5% off (not much but you might as well save what you can.)

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    My family decided not to do cloth diapers because the vinyl covers that go over them can burn legs in the heat, but I hope someone can clarify otherwise and solve this issue for you. I wouldn’t go without buying cloth diapers though. They are good to have around in case you have a bad financial week or can’t get to the store to get regular diapers. I had to make do once or twice with cloth diapers. I also used mine as burp cloths or under the bottom when the child is getting their diaper changed so furniture didn’t get messy. Anyway, I hope all goes well with it. I hope you don’t think I was trying to turn you away from it, far from it. It just wasn’t the right thing for us to do, with the information we were given.

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      Mrs Pear, there are loads of options other than vinyl, including wool. Plus the “new” cloth diapers are not at all like the old plastic pants. We have never had difficulty with any sort of burns and find that we had way more trouble with skin break down using disposables if we ran out of cloth. We have been cloth diapering since our girl was born (she is nearly two), and absolutely love it! We use a service, so I only wash our night time diapers. I’ve found prefolds and covers to be easiest for us, but also have a coupld all in ones and a few other styles. My least favorite is pockets because of the stuffing and only using the diaper once before washing it. With a prefold, you can use the cover over and over until it gets soiled. Anyways, I know this thread is a little old, but I’m a total cloth addict and would love to answer any more questions you may have!!

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    I used cloth diapers on my second child and I’m in my 9 months using them. I prefer BumGenius brand pocket style diapers. The fit is perfect and I love how I have the option of adding more inserts into the diaper if needed. I can also change up the insert from microfiber to bamboo which is great for nighttime. I’ll be honest and say a couple days I’ve experienced burn out with the cloth. The process of rinsing, washing and stuffing diapers can get old after awhile. I switched to disposables for one day which helped my burn out feeling. And after paying for a bag of disposables I realized once again why I chose cloth over disposables. IT SAVES SO MUCH MONEY!

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