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      We normally get the advice to bath newborns just with water. I wonder if, and if so when, did you stop bathing your babies/kids just with water.
      I’m specially interested to know about how many babies and kids here do not use any shampoo.
      I would also like to know, from the ones using shampoo, more about the moment the started using it. What was the main reason to start using shampoo? Did you noticed improvements in the health of the hair of your child?

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      I guess I must be odd because I have never heard of only using water and i have been a mom almost 17 years. I use night time shampoo on my 20 month old every night. I started a routine with my oldest a very long time ago that includes the night time soap and lotion and she started sleeping through the night right away and still at 17 has a healthy sleep schedule. So I decided to try the same method with the newest member of our family and it works for him too. He is almost 2 and has been an excellent sleeper since around 8 weeks. So as long as it work I will continue to use shampoo, soap and lotion. Amanda Hambrick

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      I’ve always used baby soap and shampoo on my kids

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      babies have very delicate skin, which is why they advise water only. Use a formulated-for-baby gentle soap/shampoo, and be sure it gets rinsed off

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      Some context: My kids (5 and 2 years old) both wash their hair just with water and it’s never been a problem. Hair is clean, looks healthy and nobody would tell the difference with any other kid washing their hair with shampoo. Therefore my question, I don’t think we are the only ones not using shampoo with our kids 🤔
      Of course, since I’ve only did it this way with my kids, it is interesting for me to know if there might be a benefit or side effects to use shampoo. Therefore my question about the moment you changed from no shampoo to shampoo (maybe with 1 or 2 months old babies). Did your baby started having better hair? Did your baby experiment rush or had more problems with the skin? Is the hair getting dirty earlier? Do the hair of your baby look better (if curly, better curls, for example).
      I’m not considering to start using shampoo since I don’t see a need yet (that can of course change overtime if we see that their hair is not clean or healthy)

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      Thank for sharing

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      I’ve always used baby soap and shampoo on my kids and have never had any issues

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      Thank for sharing.

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      Good read.

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