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      Anyone have any money saving tips for week long trips

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      waiting for experts

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      I have a few small ones if you have 6 months to a year or more to save. I use savings and cash back apps, as well as take surveys for a little bit of money. Sure 50 cents to a $1 for a survey isn’t much, but after a while year it adds up. And 1-10% back does too. Another way is to save change. Literally change, put in a container you cannot easily get back in to. Then after a year take the change to one of those machines in grocery stores or to your bank. The machine counts it and you get your cash in bills. My brother did this and saved a whopping $580 in change, half of it looked like pennies too.

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      Do some low or no cost sight seeing. These adventures have been better than some of my family’s more expensive activities!

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      Eat breakfast in your room. You can get cereal, milk and fruit and eat in the hotel room. It will save $$$ over restaurants. Better yet, get a vacation rental with a kitchen and prepare meals there instead or eating out for every meal. And check out free/low cost things to do at your destination. Farmers markets and local parks are lots of fun for families.

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      join loyalty programs, looks for coupons, check costco for travel deals, cook where you’re staying instead of eating out

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      I say Disney in fl
      very expensive but if you could afford it , it is wonderful

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      We also eat breakfast at our motels…Saves sooooo much money. There are several that have quite a few things to choose from, especially for the kids whom are picky. I always check first to see what they have to offer when booking a room.

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      Make and take as much of your own food as possible

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      We always book a place with continental breakfasts. We also pack bread,peanut butter and jelly. If we do lunches…we stop for fast food and then save our money for great restaurants. Its very expensive traveling with kids if you don’t plan ahead. Stock up on snacks! I refuse to spend more then $20 a day for breakfast and lunch for a family of 4.

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      Clip coupons for fast food places that you will stop at

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