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      All right it’s true many of my group were a little hesitant about getting the covid-19 shot while there was from Johnson Johnson or the two others. Once we heard about that if there was any complications you couldn’t Sue and there’s been a few deaths. Those were the two main issues that many of us have had but. If it means an end to and almost two years situation that the government’s and scientists around the world has been studying and coming up with a cure for almost 20 years alongside other diseases viruses etc. I think that if it’s a religious reason why you’re not getting the vaccine or immunizations that’s one thing but many if not all of us have gotten the shot or on the way to get in the shot there’s two of them I think it’s worth the effort to try to keep yourself safe your family and the rest of the public safe. I think it’s an obligation that we owe each other so that we can take off the mask and communicate with each other without selling as muffled as we have been. I know that because many African Americans are more hesitant to get the shot back when it all first started I believe it had something to do with the Tuskegee Experiment it is why many of my elders grandparents great grandparents who are still amongst the living are a bit hesitant and any new drug that comes out for most part and the most most important reason is financial cost how much was this new vaccine going to cost out of pocket co-payment etc. But due to the fact that my group is multicultural and we have a lot of seniors grandparents and spouses involved in our group it’s worth it if not for yourself before them and our children.

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      I have not received the vaccine, waiting for the CDC to approve before getting one. I hope to get the vaccine later this year if society is still growing and not taking steps back.

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