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      I volunteer at my local library when they have book sales, count week, craft classes , bake sales, ect…. I love to read and rent movies there also. I donate my craft supplies that I don’t use any longer and donate holiday decorations I no longer want so they can decorate the library. I also share my extra samples and coupons I get in my kits with the librarians.

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      great work!

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      I volunteered at Feed My Starving Children. It was such a rewarding experience and I left with my heart full of hope seeing so many people of every race, gender, income level work together for one purpose. I wish we could make the rest of the world work this way.

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      Hospitals need volunteer workers to. My niece started volunteering in baby ward and now she works there several days a week. Nursing homes have a lot of people who have no family so a friend of mine makes stops to a couple weekly visiting those people so they feel like they have someone who cares and she brings little goodies for them.

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      Involve your children with your volunteer work (helping to serve at a community supper, for example). Opens their eyes to the world and their place in it…and bonds you as a family that cares.

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      I would love to volunteer more in my area, but I don’t know where to find volunteer services.

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      Keep up the great work.

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      A must!

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      Great work.

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      It is awesome.

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      Nice !

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      Love it.

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      I have wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen with my 3rd grader, to keep her in check and reminded not everyone has it as good as you do. Keep her humble ya know? Well, I work 7-5 everyday, and it seems there are no kitchens in need of help when I am not at work. Any ideas on other ways too keep her humble?

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