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      I have an 18 month old that LOVES nursing. He gets so excited when it is time to nurse. While he loves it, I am feeling done (most of the time, there is a little part of me that does not want to give it up because he is still my baby). I was originally going to wait until he was two, but for the most part I am done, and I am going away for a weekend without the kids and thought it would be good to wean him before I go.
      My LO also does not have any other comforts other than me. He never took to a paci (despite desperate effort on my part), he doesn’t have a blankie, he goes to sleep with the same stuffie every night, but he could care less. There is no lovey, despite me trying different things. This makes it a little hard giving up nursing.
      Any suggestions/tips on how to wean my nursing loving son?

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      Do it whenever you feel like it

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      Maybe a new sippy cup?

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