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      i am looking in to starting to lose some weight i just do not know wher to begin besides to excersie more

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      I’m in the same boat. I definitely have to workout for (and keep it up!) Also need to change my diet a bit. I’ve looked into so many food & ingredients to help with weight loss/weight management/ and/or metabolism. I make smoothies in the morning and make sure to add some protein. it fills me up for the most part during work. Adding certain ingredients like cinnamon is good because it helps with your metabolism. I find squats are really helping tone me up. They have a lot of the 100 squats a day challenges on YouTube. Best of luck to you, Kim! 🙂

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      I found that the best way for me is to NOT go on any crazy diets. What I do is I just choose better options throughout the day. Fruit instead of dessert, almond milk instead of regular milk, smaller portions etc…Little by little I have been able to lose 15 pounds. Also walking is the easiest and safest form of exercise. I joined Planet Fitness and use their treadmills. Music while walking also helps.

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      What if you can’t do a lot of walking because of back surgerys.

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      Small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking in the back of a parking lot farther away can be an easy way to start

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