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    Hi I am looking for mom’s near me. I live in Cincinnati OH in the 45225 zip. I need moms that drive and would love to have me in their group or Join me! I do not drive but if you join me and can come that would be great. I live on Westwood Northern Blvd. thank you!! Regina Johnson Miller 513-481-0869 or email [email protected]

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    I live in the Cleveland area!

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    Hi Regina! I’d like to attend. How many have you hosted?

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    I’ve hosted a few but I only have about three or four in my group they all l I’ve in my building that makes it easy to host because we are all in the same area. Where are you located Natasha Forte?

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    The West Side as well… Off of Warsaw. I’m mobile!

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    Give me a call sometime tomorrow and we’ll talk.I have a moms meet tasting in a week for Sola Bread 513-481-0869

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    Will-do. Will I be allowed to take photos? I am trying to become a BLOG AMBASSADOR. I’d like to BLOG about it!

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    Yes you sure can!

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    Hi Natascha I have been trying to locate this Sola Bread and have already tried 3 Meijer stores and they have not even heard of this brand Looks like I won’t be doing a tasting on this because I do not drive and can’t get to the other Meijer stores to look for it. I am afraid if I don’t meet the deadline for this I won’t get accepted for other tastings.

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    I live between Dayton and Cincinnati. I actually am about 5-7 mins from Traders World and Miami Valley Casino. I would love to meet mom’s in my area. I am new to this site, any and all suggestions to be abel to utilize this the most would be wonderful. Looking forward to conversion back and forth.

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