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      middle school?

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      hhmm i haven’t decided actual age yet but not until they really need it. may be when they are 13-14?

      Following this thread.

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      Following this thread for a friend lol

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      middle school

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      My opinion is middle school, include parental controls and set limits

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      Not sure yet! 😛

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      best gift

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      When their bus crashes, the 3-5th graders have to walk to school, the driver pulls over and quits the next day. Following week, the school is on lockdown with police present and find out.. the teacher quits for being picked on, even after the principal sends home a letter to parents about the mental abuse students are giving herand your daughter is being made fun of crying in the bathroom. !!! I think this pandemic has made everyone on edge. I worry everyday my daughter isn’t with me, she is 11, going into 6th grade. So after this series of on going issues, I gave her a phone for emergencies. I don’t feel anything is safe, we plan a emergency exit plan for any kind of natural or human caused problem. Doing this program is actually helping my daughter and my family and I bond more. We talk more, get together more so it’s a huge benifit in ways I never thought!

      So phone asap, you can control everything on it and monitor it, better your child have it and be on the safe more secure side!

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      wow, Christine. I agree with your decision, but the story of what led you to this is agonizing. Good luck!!

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      when they pay for it

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