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      When is it an appropriate age to start testing for allergies if you suspect a nut allergy. Should you see a allergy specialist or let your kids try nuts?

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      I was tested at age 10

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      One year

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      should be birth or a little later

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      We started getting my son allergy tested at the age of 9 months due to him having allergic reactions to his formula and an antibiotic. So I believe that any age is a good age to start if you have a concern.

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      I would go to an allergist to have nut testing done just in case there is some sort of reaction. They are equipped to handle the reaction.

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      I am so scared to give my kids nuts !!

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      This is helpful.

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      Not sure but my son is 22 months and we made an appt for him to test in the next week. He’s had 3 different allergic reactions and I know some can be outgrown but for peace of mind, I’d like to know

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      Going to give my baby powdered peanut butter for the first time. He is 9 months old. I’m a little nervous.

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      My son was tested at 9.

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      Because my son has had 3 different reactions in the past: something unknown around 10 months, a reaction to peanuts around 14-15 months (yes, I introduced it to him early at 6 months and he had no reaction then – allergies don’t always show up the first time so keep that in mind!! The pediatrician confirmed that for me as well), and a reaction to pistachios I thought (turns out to be sesame seeds too, which were on the plate with the pistachios) last month at 22 months old, we saw the allergist last week and he agreed testing him is best because of what has happened.

      I don’t think allergists will test anyone just because. I think they will only test if you have a history of allergic reactions.

      It turns out he is allergic to pretty much all nuts, sesame seeds, and soy. 🙁

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      I think as soon as you see any symptoms.

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      After a child had a reaction, I suggest you ask for an allergy testing as soon as possible. With the testing, I’m referring to one that a done by a board certified allergist which will include blood work, skin test and even a food challenge that will help with proper evaluation.

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      At birth is the best

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      I would always recommend consulting with your child’s doctor. At any age.

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      I would always recommend consulting with your child’s doctor.

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      I mean, allergies can develop at any time during life, so initial testing may not reveal an allergy. In fact, you have to be exposed to a product in order to develop an allergy to it– so therefore, peanut butter may not have a reaction the first time a child is exposed, but the second time may be extreme. The best way is to introduce allergens over time. Testing children for allergies could actually contribute to developing them….

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        I actually agree with this! My toddler had no reaction to peanuts at first..his allergic reaction came later. And what you saidjs similar to what the allergy Dr told us as well.

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      My child has asthma and I was looking into narrowing down her triggers. She’s 3 and I was told she’s too young for the scratch test, but they were able to do a blood test for most common allergens.

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      This is a great question. I am wanting to get both of my children tested.

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      I was just asking myself this same question. I was told that I couldn’t have my son allergy tested until he was 4.

      I would prefer they do it at birth or shortly there after.

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      its always best to check with your doctor

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      Good read.

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      Good to know.

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